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The following rules are in place to ensure all participants and guests have a safe, enjoyable experience at Puget Sound Golf Club LLC. Common sense and consideration for the safety of all participants and guests is expected at all times, even if it’s not explicitly listed here. Be alert of where you stand or walk and stay out of someone’s range of swing. 

  • Report any accidents immediately. 
  • Members and Guests are financially responsible for any damage caused by failure to follow the processes or the Rules, or caused by their careless, reckless or intentional actions.  
  • Guests acknowledge Club is under video surveillance. Tampering with cameras or damaging equipment by not following procedures may lead to loss of membership privileges and you will be liable for any damages caused.
  • Guests and members acknowledge that photography and/or video may be recorded and used for promotional purposes without compensation. 
  • If you bring your own clubs, please make sure club faces are clean before play.
  • Participants may only use golf balls provided by Puget Sound Golf Club.
  • Golf balls that are worn, scratched, cracked, or dirty should be discarded to protect the screens. 
  • Keep food and drinks at the provided tables. NO FOOD OR DRINK INSIDE SIMULATOR at any time! 
  • No smoking in the facility.
  • No alcohol allowed on Club premises.
  • Be respectful and courteous of other participants/groups in the facility.
  • We would love for you to be able to finish your “last hole”, but if another group is booked after you, we will transition the simulator to the next group promptly at the end of your booking time. 
  • Failure to abide by any of the above procedures may result in cancellation of the remainder of your paid simulator time without compensation and cancellation of your membership with no refunds. 
  • Obey all verbal and posted rules and instructions
  • No running starts or other movement that would move your feet from the mat during your swing are allowed. 
  • Only the player taking a turn is allowed near or on the turf. All other guests must stand a safe distance behind at all times until their turn to hit. A safe distance means behind the turf and at least seven (7) feet from the person swinging.
  • Members and guests are responsible for the safety of others around them and should always check their surroundings before swinging a club. 
  • Guests under 18 will be supervised by an adult when playing. 
  • Members and guests will follow the dress code and personal code of conduct.

Waivers must be signed by everyone entering Puget Sound Golf Club, even those who are not golfing. Please click the link below to sign for yourself or as a legal guardian for minors.

Participant Waiver for Self

Participant Waiver for Legal Guardians